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About us

Cleveland Distillery is a small-batch distillery located in Cleveland, Ohio. The company is owned and operated by twin brothers, Carson & Travis Hreha. Cleveland Distillery specializes in award-winning distilled spirits, meads and wines, hand-crafted using Old World methods and traditions which result in a superior product.

Our History

In November of 2009, 29-year-old Jason asked his two friends Travis and Carson, to meet him at a local eatery. Jason was looking to go into the brewing business and after talking with Travis and Carson, the three of them decided to do distilled products and wine instead of beer. Thus the great adventure of Cleveland Distillery started in January 2010.

The three friends had so much to bring to the company, Jason with his promotions and culinary background, Travis with his chemical distilling and formulations, Carson with his chemical blends and research. The three men discovered they shared a passion for high-quality distilled spirits and wine.Today, they are well on their way to realizing a dream of working with good friends and family to create products they can offer with pride.

Cleveland Distillery is a handful of people devoted to the craft of distilling and creating the best distilled spirits and wines possible. Cleveland Distillery distills from the ground up, sourcing local farm products when possible and crafting our own blends. Our spirits are quality driven and reflect the appreciation of tradition coupled with the willingness to experiment that characterizes pioneering spirit of the region's great breweries, wineries, and restaurants.

Cleveland Distillery is anxious to share our unique products and look forward to meeting people who appreciate high quality craft distilled spirits. Give us a try and see for yourself how unique these hand crafted spirits can be.

Fun Facts

McDonald's restaurants in some European countries serve alcohol because otherwise parents would be less willing to take their children to them.


Men in the U.S. who drink alcohol receive about 7% higher wages than do abstainers, according to data from the national Household Survey on Drug Abuse (United States Department of Health and Human Services).


Women who drink receive about three and one-half percent higher wages than do abstainers.


The United States has the highest minimum drinking age in the entire world.

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